Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I Never Liked The War Protest Idiots With The Giant Puppets Either

Jesus god, can we get a pass on the tri-corner hats and "B-B-BUT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!!!" nonsense already?

It's hard to have a serious conversation about political theory or policy with people who seem hell-bent on merging remedial revisionist history and renaissance faire every time they go out in public:

The ceremony was moved into a small building set apart from the main house. Inside, a George Washington impersonator, James Manship, made the rounds as conservative activists shook hands and caught up with one another...Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America led the audience in a prayer, asking God to “equip us and guide us as we strive to advance constitutional principles.” And the ceremony kept that high level of pomp...

Heritage Foundation president Ed Fuelner was given the task of reading out the statement, word for word. As he did so, Manship — the George Washington impersonator — nodded at key phrases like “tyrants and despots everywhere.”

Via the invaluable Dave Weigel, who seems to be headed out on a Timothy Treadwell-esque journey into the heart of Wingnuttistan lately. Careful, Dave - remember what happened to Tim-Tim, even when he thought he had befriended those hairy scoundrels.

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