Thursday, 8 September 2011

RedState's Erickson Is Off The Palin Bandwagon

RedState's Erick Erickson, who was tapped by CNN to be the voice of "netroots conservatism," has had enough:

To paraphrase Ann, a lot of us fell in love with Sarah Palin because of her enemies* and a lot of us have fallen out of love with Sarah Palin because of her fans...To not bow at the throne of Sarah [Palin] you get disowned. You get attacked. You have people drum up stories attacking your credibility. “Oh, Perry announced at his event, he must be bought and paid for,” etc. Ironically, some of the very people going after this site’s and my credibility — claiming we’re pressured to do things by higher ups at Eagle Publishing — are people who were on payrolls advocating for clients while refusing to disclose potential conflicts among other things. 

Whether Palin will actually get into the race or not, it's worth noting that the left aren't the only people less than thrilled at what "their" party is apparently planning (or not planning) for 2012.

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