Friday, 21 October 2011

#OccupyChicago: "Wonkette Says 'We Are The 1%? Not Likely'"

Wonkette is one of my very favorite blogs. It is funny, but manages to sneak in some legitimate points with the WOKKA WOKKAs.

"Wonkette operatives" from the Occupy Chicago gatherings collected and sent this leaflet to Ken Layne:

The Banking Class is finally terrified of the harmless, jobless students and workers milling around day after day forever beneath those glass towers soon to be repossessed by either China or Justice...And were any actual 1-percenters involved in this dumb fear stunt? We are thinking, "Ha ha, of course not, because this has all the marks of Asshole $100K Salaryman on it." You need to have an annual income of $2,196,124 to be in the Top 1% of U.S. earners, according to the latest federal statistics from the Social Security Administration. The people making $2 million plus are not running off copies in the office insulting the protesters, because the people making over $2 million a year are keeping as low a profile as possible right now, excepting those running for president.  They get Secret Service protection.

A very good point to keep in mind (if not exactly scientific).

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