Tuesday, 25 October 2011

#OccupyOakland Update: There's No Hand Like Firsthand

In the interests of balance, CBS News is reporting "what if.."s and "we support them but..."s on the part of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. Right-wing fishwrapper The Washington Times is, of course, repeating this on their blog along with a tabloid's idiot assertion that "Occupy Wall Street is taking cops off of other crimes," so give old Mayor Quan about as much credibility as you decide she deserves.

All caught up? Good. Now watch this (sorry about the yelling):

According to the eyewitness who put up these (and other) videos from #OccupyOakland:

Hundreds of police cordoned off 9 blocks in downtown Oakland surrounding Oscar Grant Plaza, pursued people on the streets after the raid, then raided the second Occupy Oakland camp at Snow Park.

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