Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy #D12 Everyone (Part 2)

So far #OccupyOakland's attempted port blockade on the west coast seems to be a mixed bag. As I mentioned this morning, protesters shut down at least two terminals temporarily (Hanjin and Trapac), but as the San Francisco Appeal - a publication that is apparently no fan of #Occupy - reports;

The protest appeared to thin out mid-morning, and Port of Oakland spokesman Robert Bernardo said that as of 11:30 AM "our terminals are open and operational." 
The port had reported "sporadic disruptions" earlier this morning caused by the protest. Several other marches are planned throughout the day, including a march at 4 PM from Frank Ogawa Plaza, and another from the West Oakland BART station at 5 PM.

As of this writing, the protests in Oakland have resulted in a "handful of arrests" but no violence.

Here in Utah, #Occupants gathered in Tooele (due to an unexpected circumstance, I could not make it out to Tooele, much to my anguish). The Tribune has a wrap-up from earlier today:

Acting in solidarity [with Oakland], about a dozen members of Occupy Salt Lake City gathered at the Gallivan Plaza early Monday and made their way to the Walmart Super Center in Tooele, where several entered and conducted a "mic check." Reading from a prepared script...

Script, you say?

...they urged Walmart employees to unionize and promised that the protest movement would help them organize. 
"Low low prices mean high high exploitation. The Walton family has 93 billion dollars, they should pay you more," the group chanted in unison. 
After a few minutes, store officials escorted the Occupiers to the door. 
...Salt Lake and Provo occupiers then proceeded to Grantsville cemetery, parked their cars and mounted bicycles to ride down State Road 138 to the nearby Walmart Distribution Center. 
They managed to slow traffic and were greeted by a strong law enforcement presence,

Presents??? :D

...including officers from the Utah Highway Patrol and the Toeele Police Department.
Worst law enforcement presents EVER >:(

Jesse Fruhwirth tweeted:

I was detained, warned, let go with a warning - now i'm back riding. #D12SLC  3 others detained now
All reports seem to indicate it was a very successful action. The lovely Tara tweeted:

Walmart trucks being sloowwed down by our bicycle riding. Hooray! A brigade of cops protecting the Walmart fortress? Boo! #D12 #OSLC #Occupy
THIS is alarming. From @OccupySaltLake:

@slcpd detained #OSLC on assault complaint against #WalMart patron. Good thing we carry cameras t(-_-t) Look to @fruhwirth for video! #D12

"Good thing we carry cameras" indeed, my friend (there's actually more to be said about that - maybe tomorrow).

But what of Denver? What news of the Mile High City, friend, Queen City of the West?

According to the;

Loveland police have made several arrests of Occupy protesters outside the Walmart distribution center near the Budweiser Events Center. 
Protesters were arrested by police after blocking the intersection where trucks were trying to enter and leave the distribution center. "At about 12:45 PM, demonstrators blocked the Walmart truck traffic entrance with people and tents. The roadway was cleared immediately by police and several arrests were made," Loveland police said in a statement. 
Loveland police had a heavy presence in the area all day, with more than 10 marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles in the area of Crossroads Boulevard and Greenfield Drive.
So: trade was "disrupted," but the depressing moral of today's story (so far) seems to me to be: Cops up, folks down, while my plutocrats bounce to this.

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