Monday, 2 April 2012

Please Welcome Gerald Long

As I've noted in a few recent updates ( here  and  here  ), our little Salt City Sinner family is slowly but surely expanding. To that end, I would like to welcome a new guest poster / author, Mr. Gerald Long of Crazypoliticos, which is incidentally a great blog that is a fun and zesty read.

Gerald is a pleasant-natured, intelligent fellow whom it isn't wise to piss off or wander into the cross-hairs of, because he is also quite an astute and natural dirt-digger.

Gerald is also a long-time patron and supporter of the One World Cafe, which has been experiencing financial problems of late, and in fact has been talking to me for a month or longer about ways in which #OccupySLC or other local groups could support One World. He also was basically one of the first five people to get the memo about One World temporarily closing, although ViewFinder was the first one to post about it here.

The esteemed Mr. Long will (from what I gather) still maintain his blog at Crazypoliticos, so keep that site in your RSS feed, and he will now guest post (or occasionally be anarcho-syndicated) here.

Please welcome Gerald and make him feel at home!


  1. Welcome to our cast of conspirators, Gerald. I look forward to working with you.

  2. Very fine news! Welcome aboard.