Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Please Enjoy Salt City Sinner's Bill O'Reilly, Gerald Long

posted by Gerald Long, 4/9/2012

KSL is reporting an accidental rooftop fire at City Creek's Nordstrom  today (click here for story) but Have they Reported the Whole Story?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 3:13PM 

Crazypoliticos Senior Editor and Consultant Gerald Long surmised more in a Comment response to the above cited article:

"Logan's Run: The Carrousel, (The Circle by Nordstrom and the Fountains) the Sandmen with their Canadian Mountie hats, everyone looking the same, stylish, young, it all fits.  No runners though.  Those sandmen do a bang-up job.  Oh, and poll around, I'm not the only one who thinks "Logan's Run" or "The Stepford Wives" .  Seriously, reminds me of the town in "Unknown Persons".  What a complete Hollywood set for so many creepy futuristic genre movies.  In the years 2020 We have a new Mormon President and this is how the world looks.  (Intro Terminator Style Music)  Runners, the old, the sick, the undesirable are hunted down and terminated.  There is a real "fashion police" and people are finally arrested for wearing a horrid polyester print (thankfully I admit).  If you spit on the sidewalk you are executed on site-after you clean it up of course.  Arguing about or even looking for a "sale" will get you permanently banned from the city.  There is no alcohol.  Look at all the smiling faces and happy people (pan in on happy laughing family with more Terminator music.)  Uh, oh, dad just turned forty and the Lifeclock embedded in his hand has turned black. (More Terminator Music...a wind picks up in the Nordstrom Plaza, a generator has just blown on the roof (*The Terminator music has a more urgent crecendo this time))  The family continues to laugh and smile but dad puts his hand in his pocket which makes it sound off like an annoying car alarm.  Already it has begun.  Coming this Spring to downtown SLC!  Be there or be broke!"

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  1. Don't you mean... "be there so you can be broke!"? After all it is the intention of the 1% to persuade us with addictions of consumption which fill their pockets with gold. :)