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LadyFest SLC 2012

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July 14th we walked through the front gate at Free Speech Zone, and were greeted by Ingrid of Sweedishis Fish.  I had anticipated entry of this gate for weeks- anxiously waiting for the day, the hour, the very minute this awesome event would begin.   After making our donation to the Rape Recovery Center we made our way up the long drive way, viewing the graffiti art adorning the brick wall.

To my sheer joy I looked to the South East corner of the lot and saw Chan who was also raising funds selling sage and lavender bundles.  I had found myself at Free Speech Zone just a week earlier and had already purchased a bundle of wrapped sage, and was thrilled to buy some more.  Chan had collected the sage and lavender himself around the Salt Lake Valley, and the small bundles of White Sage were gathered by Raphael, something so lovely and peaceful, for such a good cause- truly under priced!  

Next to Chan was a small booth set up for polishing nails, for a very low price you could pick two colors of polish and have your nails painted.  I enjoyed my glitter turquoise nails, and my little Sam loved having her nails painted also!

Take your seats-

The first performance of the event: Mary Tebbs, a soulful voice and very talented guitar player.


Next up- Mouse and Mouse:  VERY unique, folk style with what I consider to be a European twist.  Drawing you in with their quiet and high pitched speaking voices, and capturing your attention completely with their skill and diverse use of instruments .  

       Mouse & Mouse @ LadyFest SLC 2012                                 

Next up was a group of poetry presentations including some slam pieces. 

Unfortunately I could not stay for the next 6 hours of what I hear turned out to be completely amazing performances.  The last artist I was able to enjoy was DJ Dances With Wolves.

 I recall when she entered the side gate, the very moment- her presence was undeniable.  I have rarely witnessed a person with such a powerful presence, almost as if she was glowing with positive energy. 

After a few moments of setting up her drum sets, she sat on her stool, gave her brother a high-five, put in her ear plugs and the magic began.  A techno mix of Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" leading into multiple other songs.  While the remixed music played so did she, moving her hands and feet with such speed and precision, giving a percussion performance I will never forget.


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  1. That was a VERY fun day I LOVED it!!!!