Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Savage Minorities Would Have Rioted If Obama Lost

posted 11/7/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

I cracked open Twitter today to get a sampling (for my delectation) of the various unhinged wingnut responses to last night's election results, and came upon this gem from God Kin & Country ("Christian Man 1st, Husband and Father 2nd, Patriot Last"):

(What he's "Just Saying..." has been a popular trope in right wing and white supremacist media circles leading up to the election - namely, that savage, dusky minorities would burn America's cities to the ground in an uncontrollable rage in the event of a Romney victory. Yes, "Just Saying...")

Leaving aside the fact that Donald Trump called for riots last night, a human with a functioning brain stem and access to Google might have noticed the following:

Local media reports that "hundreds of Ole Miss students exchanged racial epithets and violent, politicized chants" across campus. As many as 400 students are said to have participated. 
There are also reports that several students were arrested during the protests, though none have been officially charged. There were mixed reports about whether or not rocks were thrown as well.

Yes, at least there were no riots in the street this morning - there were riots on campus last night! You see Southern Boys, unlike those shiftless blacks, don't lazily wait until the next day to get the job done.


  1. What I was saying is quite simple. The left on repeated occasions threatened to riot in the streets if Mitt Romney was elected. The also called for his assassination. Don't make everything about race, that is a true sign of a real racist.

  2. my point is also quite simple - you said "At least there were no riots in the street" regarding the election, AND THERE WERE RIOTS (or, at least, A riot) - from your side.

  3. No your point was very clear, you called me a racist without any cause.

  4. GodKinCountry, did you check twitter? Lots of calls for President Obama's assassination last night from the right, and of course threats to riot turning into ACTUAL RIOTS from the right as well.

  5. I agree, nuts on both sides. My point was I was called a racist without any basis or fact. My view on racism is very public.