Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Now THAT'S A Spicy PJTV Racialist Good Time!

There is a lengthy response at Sadly, No! today regarding Red State fixture and well-paid blogger Erick Erickson's lamentation that the Online Right have been abandoned by their sponsors, while the insidious Online Left (funded by that oft-cited but never defined Soros machine) spends most of its collective free time diving around in a UN bunker full of golden Euros, ala Scrooge McDuck:

It's often bemoaned on our side that the left is much further ahead online than the right. This is true. The left has larger blogs than the right, though I still think the right has many more sites than the left.

Well, as Sadly, No! and a few other blogs have pointed out, bloggers like Erickson have actually been the recipients of an unusual amount of largesse at the hands of various right wing foundations, much in the same way that wingnut books usually rocket to the top of the NY Times bestseller list with the help of bulk purchases:

Mr. Erickson is paid to do RedState by the company that bought it from him and the site’s other founders in late 2006 (the company being Eagle Publishing, also the parent company of Regnery and the Conservative Book Club). That job is one of a stupendous array of wingnut welfare opportunities subsidized by innumerable foundations, nonprofits, private companies, and occasionally single right-wing billionaries acting alone, that has created an entire worthless pundit class of know-nothing conservative me-toos and arguers — literally hundreds in number — who do nothing but gas off misinformedly and be sloppily wrong about everything in a certain, expected way, for which they’re rewarded in cash, fellowships, laundered cash via hugely overcompensated speaking gigs, gobstopping article fees, book contracts with thousands in guaranteed sales via Eagle Publishing’s buy-its-own-books-and-give-them-away scheme, rigged chances at the bestseller lists via the same, endowed chairs of X, board memberships, project funding, consulting fees, research grants...[etc.]

It's almost as though one particularly twisted side of the political spectrum has so much money but so little authentic public support that it has literally opened a fire-hose of cash on a series of semi-literate bloggers (many of whom don't have full time jobs other than blogging poorly), and yet still fails to get results.

One of the funniest jokes at Sadly, No!'s response to Erickson's madness is where they wonder why he's bitching about funds drying up, considering how well-funded the right is online:

Pajamas Media cuts off its funding to a bunch of B-list right-blogs, and what, within a week, everybody is looking at everybody else and seeing a hot dog? Erickson actually does look a little like a giant hot dog. I’m not saying; I’m just saying.
I was personally wondering what Pajamas Media was getting for their slim-down in this economy, and I have to say, I'm not impressed by what I saw.

They are now airing some kind of bizarre, pseudo-satirical (but the right tends to do terribley at satire, as I've noted while watching the failure of "The Half Hour News Hour," "NewsBusters," and similarly terrible shows) and, well, HIGH-LARIOUSLY RACIALIST series about fictional president ZoBama's adventures in FunkyTown.

You see, it's funny, because he needs TelePrompTers, and is black, and loves Diddy, and speaks Black-ese, and well, hell, I'm done with it. Pajamas Media, I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles, but I don't think that a merger with Stormfront is going to do you that much good.

As I've said before, the conservative movement is shrinking, scared, lost, and every day, slightly more batshit insane.

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