Saturday, 2 July 2011

Online Weirdos Actually Do Something Awesome

Those wacky cats at Anonymous are acting in support of Food Not Bombs in Orlando. Raw Story reports:

Keith McHenry, who helped found [Food Not Bombs] 30 years ago, was one of the activists arrested last week and is still imprisoned [under an Orlando ordinance that bans feeding the homeless in public parks]. McHenry's view is that food is a right, not a privilege, so he and the group refused to abide by the law.

In response to the arrests, Anonymous toppled the websites of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, the Orlando International Airport, Orlando's fraternal Order of Police, the mayor's reelection site and two popular tourist and events websites featuring the city's attractions.

They have also sent an image (pictured) of Walt Disney mascot Mickey Mouse, face covered by a Guy Fawkes mask, to tens of thousands of fax machines and Orlando-based email addresses, in an effort to drum up support for feeding the homeless.

That's just awesome. The fact that Orlando has passed an ordinance banning feeding the hungry blows my mind - that is literally one of the most brutal things I've ever heard. What's next - laws against helping old ladies cross the street or repainting the houses of the elderly?

Orlando is a unique place. My mom worked in journalism in Florida for some years (she lived there for quite a while growing up) and she and friends of hers have been feeding me stories about peculiar Florida goings-on for years. Perhaps the most succinct and devastating thing I've read on the subject is by celebrated Florida author and manic spastic Carl Hiaasen, called Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World. It has great sections on Disney's shady dealings with municipal governments and the like. If, like me, you have a bottomless hungry pit that you feed outrage to, you'll not only like the writings of Matt Taibbi, you'll love Team Rodent!

Keep up the good work, Anonymous! It goes without saying that Food Not Bombs is awesome, and deserves your donation. You can help their efforts in Orlando here.

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