Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Update: 30% Fewer Democrats Or Your Legislature Is Free

A quick update: since my last posts on the Utah Legislature's redistricting plan for 2011 (first crafted by a fair and impartial committee of 14 Republicans and 5 Democrats): at the request of Governor Gary Herbert, the State Senate has redrawn their initially proposed plan for how to divide and/or conquer Salt Lake City.

The shabby treatment that Salt Lake City is receiving at the sausage-fingered hand of rural legislators is now being referred to as the "pizza slice" plan or plans - as in, "we will carve up Salt Lake's population of liberals, homosexuals and anarchists into manageable slices, and then devour them." The mix is ostensibly intended to "create districts with a mixture of urban and rural population(s)."

I don't think it would be telling any secrets to note that I'm opposed to any plan that breaks up the urban population to consolidate even more power in the hands of the Utah GOP.

This action by the Leg means that I owe my more cynical friends an apology - while I dismissed it yesterday as "[an] idiotic conspiracy theory," it now looks downright obvious that Herbert asked for the boundaries to be re-redrawn so he wouldn't face a gubernatorial challenge from sad clown Jim Matheson. Lesson learned: never call someone paranoid until you know they aren't just better informed than you.

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