Sunday, 8 April 2012

Occupy Library Square

4/6/2012 Occupy Salt Lake City moved from Gallivan Center to Library Square.  Despite what some "news" reports state- I am here to tell you- Occupy is ALIVE AND WELL!  In fact, not just alive and well, but the vibe there is nothing less than amazing.  There is a completely different energy at Library Square.  You can see the sky, and trees, birds, flowers, and PEOPLE that smile and engage you- not just concrete and sky scrapers.

The core members of OccupySLC were mostly present and accounted for- coloring eggs, singing and laughing.  It is a beautiful environment.

As people walk, ride, drive by the Occupants wave, smile and greet them.  It was so nice to see the response from those walking by and riding by on bicycles, some stopped just to return the greeting.  I sincerely believe the change of scenery is a huge benefit to the movement in the Salt Lake valley,  
giving a much needed opportunity to engage passers by.

As Easter and Spring are in the air it was not too out of the ordinary to see all the beautiful paint colors and the eggs being decorated.  My children enjoyed very much the opportunity to decorate eggs with gold paint and bright colored powders.

In conclusion- my take on the move is only that it was a great thing for the movement and I am thrilled with the new energy with Occupy!

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