Thursday, 23 July 2009

Creative Diagramming

Moe Lane at Red State is busy spreading the meme, which a co-worker shared with me via e-mail, that there's a flow-chart of sorts floating around that "explains" the Democratic health reform effort. You can find it here full-size, but here it is in a slightly smaller version:

Now, as far as bureaucracy goes, I'm not sure what our current model would look like, and the above diagram is pretty discouraging. However, in his post, Moe strongly hints that the Democrats are trying to suppress this diagram, and that it's for internal use only. Actually, it turns out that the Democrats had nothing to do with this chart: it was cooked up by Texas Republican Kevin Brady, who posted it under the heading "Baffling Flow Chart."

Well hell's bells, Congressman, you're one to complain about it being "baffling": YOU CREATED IT!

In the spirit of bipartisan cooperation on the issue of health care reform, I have decided to do Brady the same favor he's done us, by diagramming for the American public the flow chart of the Republican plan for health care reform. Now, I'm no graphic designer, but hey, I think it's about as fair and clear as Rep. Brady's effort:


  1. Crisp design, nice lines. You have a future in the baffling flowchart industry.