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Where (Else) to Find My Writing


Posted on 1/9/2020 by Charles R. Bernard - UPDATED 7/26/2022

AVAILABLE NOW! The Arcanum Duology is now complete! 

The journey begins with Arcanum Volume I: Initiation:

Welcome to Shade; city of secrets, city of nightmares, and, most importantly, a city of the dead. In Shade, humans live amongst those who lurk in the darkness. Come, watch the Tarot cards fall one by one as a strange fortune is cast.

Each chapter of Arcanum is a Tarot card designed and illustrated by Astrid K. Mickelsen. In Volume I: Initiation, the first five cards of a ten-card Celtic cross spread weave a tale of occult horror and dark urban fantasy; pick it up in paperback or on Kindle

Continue the journey in Arcanum Volume II: Mysteries:

Temple Song is on the run. Pursued by a murderous cult, she sought – and gained – the help of Sophia Felix, an ex-necromancer, and Sophia’s mother Maria Gomez, a powerful witch in her own right. They’ll need more help than that to ensure Temple’s safety, however. They’ll need the help of even more dangerous forces than those already unleashed.

Each chapter of Arcanum is a Tarot card designed and illustrated by Astrid K. Mickelsen. In Volume II: Mysteries, the last five cards of a ten-card Celtic cross spread wind up the conclusion of a tale of occult horror and dark urban fantasy.


With that said: just to make you aware, tender reader, Salt City Sinner is not the only place where you can find me. There’s also a good chance you’ll bump into me in the secret network of tunnels underneath Salt Lake City, readying the adrenochrome harvest, but if you don’t know the secret access codes (or are scared of giant lizard-demons for some reason), you can also find my work in a variety of places!

IMy debut novel, A Baptism for the Dead, is available now on Amazon and through the publisher, Madness Heart Press! The Old West was a place that held terrifying secrets: the dead, the damned, and the bloody mysteries of resurrection among them. Trace one family's journey into power, murder, and madness! 

I've signed a contract with Madness Heart Press to publish my next standalone novel, He Led Us Into the Wilderness and Spoke to Us, in 2023. Historical horror and cosmic horror meet in a tale that centers around the massacre in Jonestown, Guyana, on Nov. 18, 1978. Stay tuned for details!

I *very* occasionally post to Madness Heart Press’ blog (as John has downgraded the blog thing a bit), but there is a vast backlog you can read, and I will still be posting to it on occasion.

I am also one of the hosts of the podcast/livestream Wandering Monster (our back catalog is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and our current-format archive is on YouTube), and wherever else fine pods are cast - and please follow us on Twitter!). John Baltisberger, Ian SerVaas, Charles Paschke, and I dive into the world of indie tabletop games, one live-play session at a time!

Catch the stream LIVE every Wednesday from 7:30 - 9:00 PM MST (8:30 - 10:00 Central)!

UPDATE: We continue to record and release Wandering Monster. But I'm such a chatterbox that you should look for a solo podcast project (or projects!) coming soon from Laughterhouse Industries.

If short horror fiction is your jam, guess what? You’re in luck, because I write a bunch of that, too! Some of them are even available now AS AUDIOBOOKS (only one story in each anthology is mine)! There's so much to choose from! For example:

American Cult features my short story “stuffed,”

Deadman Humour: 13 Fears of a Clown features my short story “auguste.”

Peaks of Madness features my short story “portraits,”

Thuggish Itch: Devilish features my short story “indemnity,”

The Weird and Whatnot (February, 2019) features my short story “the priest of Laughing Death,” and

Tell Tale Press (October, 2019) features my short story “rededication.”

Cosmic Horror Monthly (October, 2020) features my short story "the light that festers"

The Dark Frontier features my short story "Cargo Mountain"

B is for Beasst features my short story "pholcidae" 

C is for Cannibals features my short story "rededication" 

D is for Demons features my short story "/rare" 

If short nonfiction is more your speed, be sure to check out Satan Speaks! Contemporary Satanic Voices, which includes my essay “Better to Reign, to Reign Ourselves Better: Satanism in the 21st Century.” There is more to come, and I will update and/or repost this list as more of my work becomes available.

I will still regularly update Salt City Sinner, as well. 

Thank you, my horned, leather-winged beloveds, for all your support!


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