Thursday, 3 December 2009

Holiday Cheer

Today I bought thermal underwear to donate to the Road Home tomorrow - the handout specified that they wanted sizes 2XL and up. I turned on the radio and learned that one out of eight Americans are on food stamps, now renamed the SNAP! program because of the shame that certain radio blowhards have managed to attach to "food stamps" over the last two decades.

One out of four American children, right now, are fed by SNAP! (the exclamation point is for jazz, I guess). The "unemployment" rate (which doesn't count Americans who are under-employed or who have stopped seeking employment) is over ten percent.

It's cold outside in Salt Lake City right now - in the teens yesterday morning and about that low tonight as well. I feel sick. I see a lot of people facing hard times right now, and a lot of people donating their money or time to try to make things better, but god damn it, this is America, and people shouldn't be forced into these circumstances.

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