Thursday, 28 January 2010

Utah Boom-Sticks

Last night I had the good fortune to take a concealed-carry permit class from a gentleman who will remain nameless, primarily because I don't want to hurt his business. He's an Iraq veteran, a pretty cool guy, and such an upstanding citizen that even the most PG-13 gun/sex puns from our group of students made him blush like the Bishop of Boston.

Now as our concealed-carry instructor was a gun enthusiast and veteran, I expected a certain amount of the politics that I would look down my long, elitist nose at, being the arugala-snarfing, wine-quaffing elitist that I am, but there was very little about his presentation that was political, actually.

I did notice one thing, however, and I am not accusing Anonymous Instructor of any type of bias in any way. I am quite sure this was a subconscious phenomenon (although a lot of his rhetoric feeds into a post I'm working on regarding the so-called "Bad Guy" mythos).

Of the Goofus and Gallant video clips that he showed, one was of a white man who fired a shotgun so badly that he almost took his face off. The others?

1.) A black DEA agent who was so gol-durned dumb that in a gun safety presentation he damn near shot his foot off. 2.) A black crackhead who attacked a lady's van in Las Vegas (on the subject of: "Does this require lethal force?") 3.) A black bank robber who was driven away by a heroic concealed weapon holder. 4.) Two or more references to "homeboys" when it came to possible home invasion scenarios, with a strong implication that these so-called "bad guys" would be black.

That ain't right. Even in Utah.

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