Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot?

NERD ALERT: Okay, the Halloween and Friday the 13th reboots have been interesting because, as horror films, their antitagonists were of a particularly dumb slasher variety. Rob Zombie's take on Meyers has been interesting and worthwhile in my humble opinion, but I've always had a poorly defended soft spot for Zombie's movies (I think, at root, I just basically like what he likes as much as he likes it). "Nightmare on Elm Street" was always going to be an insanely difficult reboot, because A.) Freddy had more personality than any of the slasher greats, and B.) Robert Englund was so closely tied to the character (all the way up to appearing as himself in Craven's weird meta self-parody, New Nightmare).

That said: Englund has so thoroughly sullied his career* post-Freddie that he is out of the game for good in my opinion. Jackie Earl Haley is a brilliant choice for his replacement. In short, I'm keeping an open mind for this reboot - cross your fingers, folks!

* - I can't crap all over Englund's CV, really. I haven't seen a couple of the post-Freddy films he's made, his FearNet series seemed decent, and he's done some vocal work on comic book cartoon adaptations of the type that a dorkus malorkus like myself usually smiles on.

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