Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Rare And Eccentric Breed

Damn it, I wanted to make this blog entry about vampire movies - in particular, a few recent ones that I think are more than half-decent - but I have to provide at least a superficial take on the Season of Weirdness in Utah primaries.

So, Bennett is out, and I've heard some huzzahs and guffahs from the usual sectors. A good take on the actual convention from a conservative friend of a conservative friend of mine can be found here.

Claudia Wright is keeping the flame going, and good for her. A stereotypical take* from the Salt Lake City Weekly can be found here. My sister actually wrote this, but don't tell anyone.

There's your Utah politics update. It's rainy and everyone feels cranky as hell.

* - Both on Doug Fabrizio's usually non-terrible 'Radio West' program and a few other programs I've heard, Wright has been treated to the standard "non-serious" charge that liberals/progressives face these days. Don't piss me off, Doug.

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