Sunday, 8 May 2011


Well, there you have it. Life is full of surprises.

I surprised myself by formally "joining"/throwing my hat in with Peaceful Uprising, the environmental/climate issues organization that is backing Tim DeChristopher, AKA Bidder 70, in his civil disobedience and its consequences. To clarify, I am not an advocate of most direct action, and probably will not engage in it personally with PeaceUP.

Since I've now climbed aboard the Peaceful Uprising boat (it isn't powered by coal, but rather by a magical solar/wind hybrid engine we stole from some friendly space aliens), I will not be blogging overmuch about climate/environmental issues here, unless something fairly major crops up. If I'm approved as a content provider at PeaceUP, I'll post those entries there - if not, I might just link to contributors who are better informed and have a longer history with these issues than I am/do.

Most of my blogging will still go on here ("THANK GOD," say my two fans, one of whom finally got wireless access under the overpass where he lives). The stuff I work on with PeaceUP will mainly be very boring and very invisible. Anyone who gets a chuckle or two out of my more absurd and idiotic rants might enjoy Free Range Onions, a site run by my hetero life mate Kyland. I contribute a few things there from time to time.

My Praxis blog is dead, as it required a huge amount of research and outlining to do a "serious political ideology/philosophy" blog, but I hope to revive it out by summer at least. I'm still soiling my reputation by participating in Twitter. I'm still active on Facebook, too.

Any way, that should do it for housekeeping issues. For a sterling example of why I will be maintaining a strict separation between Salt City Sinner and PeaceUP isues, look for a Utah gun laws/gun rights blog either today or early tomorrow.

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