Monday, 2 May 2011

OBL Is Dead

It would have been better to have granted even Osama bin Laden due process - in this case, perhaps a trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity. That said, years of watching COPS has taught me a valuable lesson: "dead or alive" is 99% up to the would-be arrestee. Compare OBL's finale to Saddam's: Saddam went relatively quietly and was granted due process and a trial (how fair that process and/or trial were is up for debate). Osama, on the other hand, went down "in a firefight," which suggests to me that he was not interested in being taken alive.

In that case, I'm glad that we could oblige him.

Anyway, T-minus one or two days max before the right makes a huge issue of the United States' relatively respectful handling of bin Laden's corpse in accordance with Muslim law. I expect to hear a lot of wingnut froth and babble about wrapping OBL in bacon or something (classy).

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