Monday, 13 June 2011

Most Racist Anti-Obama Coverage Ever?

Jeffery Goldberg says:

This is psychologically fascinating: The mind of Fox Business host Eric Bolling, when confronted with images of President Obama meeting with Gabon's president, Ali Bongo, instantly recalls other black people who have met with President Obama, and comes to the conclusion that Obama feels deep love for black "hoodlums."

Not only that, Bolling goes on to refer to the Obama White House as the "hizzouse." This crap is shocking enough when it spills out of a Glenn Beck or other right-wing frothing head. They have to talk professionally for hours a day, and something like their real feelings about a black man in the White House are bound to slip through. This, though, was scripted and "mainstream" news on Fox Business, making it (perhaps) the most blatantly racist anti-Obama media coverage I've seen so far.

Stay tuned, though, because like I always say, there's no bottom floor in Hell.

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