Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vaccines, Continued

As I stated in my previous post regarding Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and the HPV vaccine in Texas:

I'm currently agnostic on the vaccines/CDC question (full disclosure: my mom is convinced of the link between the initial commercial flu shot and autism).

Well I'd be a bad son and a dishonest scoundrel if I did not represent my mom's response to the above, which is as follows (and seems, to me, perfectly reasonable):

Correction: your mother believes that thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative found in MANY vaccines and only recently removed from children's vaccines, is a dangerous thing to be injecting into your body. Mercury, for chrissakes. If you can go without it, why wouldn't you? The government has never admitted any danger to childhood immunizations or any link to autism, but DID take mercury out of childhood injections. My brain being impaired anyway, I choose not to have any mercury either.

It is the FREQUENCY (every 3 months in some cases) of childhood vaccines, coupled with the thimerosal, that was perhaps a perfect storm for autism. Flu shots are only one a year, and for adults, and aren't going to cause autism. I'm more worried about drain bamage of an alzheimer's variety. So, no mercury for me! (and only the rare tuna sandwich).

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