Tuesday, 25 October 2011

#Occupy Oakland: You Are Cordially Invited To Pummel Protesters, Dress Code Riot Gear

Either stay tuned through the unbearable politico-reggae interlude or skip to about 3:10 or so:

I guess Oakland's City Hall can apparently be added to the list of "non free speech zones."

According to reports out of Oakland, the police there used tear gas, "nonlethal projectiles" (either rubber bullets or beanbags) and according to at least one observer, flash-bang grenades to clear the peaceful #Occupy base camp.

I have heard from some conservatives that the #Occupy protests remind them in a scary way of the rise of fascism, or the failure of the Weimar Republic. I'll leave it up to you.

Oakland before:

Oakland after:

Land of the free, baby, home of the brave!

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