Sunday, 16 October 2011

#OccupySLC : Day 11, Your Bite-Sized Update

#OccupySLC, Day 11!

I spent a quiet day at home yesterday freaking out about the news. Anarchists sacked Rome in the latest re-make that isn't as good as the original! Huge protests everywhere! Nobody who wears that mask knows who the hell Guy Fawkes was!

This is a bite-sized update for #OccupySLC's eleventh day. The forecast calls for rain tonight, so I plan on swinging by the camp in the evening to make sure there isn't something I can pitch in - a tarp, some blankets, &c. - to keep folks warm and dry. If you want to do the same, donations are welcome - my previous updates on #OSLC have wish lists posted by Occupants.

Free School Schedule, 10/16/11

11:00 AM MST - The Mayan Calendar (I have a soft spot for and will include this silly Mayan thing because of my passionate hetero man-crush on William Seward Burroughs II <3 <3 )
1:00 PM MST - Diversity of Tactics
2:00 PM MST - Militarism's Cost On Human Needs
3:00 PM MST - De-escalation / Non-Violence Training
4:00 PM MST - Complementary Currency
5:00 PM MST - Enviro-Mentalism

Event Schedule, 10/16/11

11:00 AM MST - Day Meeting
3:00 PM MST - Grey Friction and Pillars Project (music)
3:30 PM MST - Warrior Women meeting
4:00 PM MST - Outreach Meeting at Urban Utah's Office (400 W. and 200 S., SLC)
7:30 PM MST - General Assembly

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