Friday, 14 October 2011

#OccupySLC: Day Nine - Friday Forum (Part 1)

This will be a two-part update on today's #OccupySLC Friday Forum in Pioneer Park. As always, the occupation hub site is  here  . Twitter updates  here  and  here  . National hub  here  . And, now, a Youtube channel  here  .

This is a quick and dirty summary - I will post a longer entry with video and additional photos (plus answers to Mr. Joseph Farah's "who are these scumbags?" query) tomorrow. I'm sorry to push this out, but I have been toasting in the sun all day, and there was just too much that went on at #OSLC for one update.

The big news of the day was that Mark Shurtleff showed up. Had any of my buddies taken me up on a wager, I would have lost big money on that one - I didn't think anyone as prominent as the AG would come to hear what the ongoing #OSLC experiment in self-organizing populism has to say. Message coherence seemed to be the biggest order of the day, as designated spokeshumans sounded downright polished talking to ABC 4:

They've also adopted the Occupy NYC manifesto formally via their General Assembly, as well as these occupation principles (oh, spelling *sigh*):

 The way that #OSLC has self-organized reminds me very much of a Wobbly Shop - it's probably no coincidence that more than a few Wobs were present:

Including myself!

That's me with Jason Mallory, author of 2084 (the pictured little red book), which is at first quick read completely fascinating, utterly DIY, and so underground that it's subterranean. In other words, just my bag.

Well, well, look who else showed up:

It's human media vortex Rocky Anderson, two-term Mayor of Salt Lake City and Sean Hannity's wrasslin' partner!

Rocky appeared and literally every camera, eyeball, etc. focused on him (including, well, mine). It was an awkward moment for a supposedly "leaderless" movement. As Rocky spoke to/for the cameras, an IWW brother near me leaned over and muttered darkly "Rocky just hijacked our god damned movement." I concurred, but later, as I overheard an aging Baby Boomer say to one of his compatriots nostalgically, "Rocky got me through the Bush years" I was taken back for a moment myself.

Speaking of leftist contradictions, I'm a sucker for keepsakes, so I bought myself an Anarchy Burger:

More to come tomorrow, including video, the Newsclown Roundup, and the answer to Joseph Farah's question! I leave you with my favorite sign of the evening:


  1. informative. I'd planned to be there, but fell off sked - so seeing thru your eyes (with a sense of where you're coming from) is the next best thing. I do intend to eyeball the scene soon, though.

  2. There's an outreach meeting today (10/16) at 4 PM in SLC in the Urban Utah office @ 400 W and 2nd S. FYI