Saturday, 8 October 2011

#OccupySLC: The Kick-Off

Images and Video courtesy of Salt City Sinner - feel free to redistribute with permission (I'm nice - just ask!)

#OccupySLC commenced day before yesterday at 10:00 AM (-ish) with a rally at the Capitol Building, followed by a march to Pioneer Park:

Folks started to set up camp.

The weather was miserable (cold, rain, wind) but nobody seemed too put off by it. As of my last check-in #OccupySLC is operating on 24-hour camping permits fully approved by the police. The SLPD has been civil, helpful, and generally very cool

A small contingent of crusties (click for more info) set up "camp" as well. For a movement that warranted a post from Andrew Sullivan denigrating the anti-cap and anarchist kid contingent, there weren't a lot of crusties (and no Situationists) present. Of everyone I spoke to, the punks seemed the most cynical and least optimistic about the goings-on, but they were there to make their voices heard even so.

Of course, one strident Ron Paul supporter (and bless him for showing up) is all it takes for Chanel 2 News to decide they've found a serious spokesperson for #OccupySLC. Note that Ryan Kane, who IS something of a spokesperson for #OccupySLC, intervenes.

Of course, had Mr. Channel 2 News given the Ron Paul supporter (whose name I unfortunately did not catch - please contact me if you know his name or contact info) enough time to make a point or two, they might not have gotten the "Look At The Freak" coverage they were looking for:

I did get a chance to have a few brief words with Ryan Kane as well:

It was a cold, cold night, but #OccupySLC is in full effect. 

I'll be getting more footage and pictures and stories from the goings-on as I can.

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