Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Redistricting Update: Legislative Massacre Over, Legal Massacre Can Now Begin

After a festive political season of chest-thumping, branch-waving and dominance rituals, Utah Republicans have released their redistricting map for 2011. Salt Lake City has been sundered:

SB3002520 (sponsored by Representative Fred Cox) passed and is headed to Governor Herbert to be signed into law. Coverage by Fox 13  here  . KSL  here  . ABC 4 blew the story as of this posting and has nothing - same with KUTV Channel 2 News (8:238 AM MST).

Salient details: there were less than 4 hours of debate allowed in a 14-hour session: the other ten hours consisted of a "closed caucus" that the GOP held in secret.

Utah Democrats are already preparing their lawsuit, so this is far from the last we'll hear of this.


  1. SB 3002 S20 was never voted on and didn't pass. SB 3002 S19 passed the house.

  2. The real map is at:

  3. Thank you for the correction!