Sunday, 23 October 2011

Weekend #Occupy Updates : "Deputy Dan Has No Friends"

What a weekend for an #Occupy protest!

At least here in Salt Lake City, the warm weather held up, and will continue to hold up until approximately Tuesday. As I noted in my previous post regarding #OccupySLC, they have decided to stay put in Pioneer Park, and some #Occupants - at least the folks manning and womanning the Circle-A Cafe - are already making their plans for winter and its inclement weather. #OSLC hub site  here  . Twitter feeds  here  and  here  . Spokesperson William Rutledge can be reached  here  . International #Occupy hub is  here  .

Speaking of plans, Jesse Fruhwirth was good enough to correct me gently regarding the Friday night vote and the Occupy the Fed action by #OSLC. #Occupy the Fed SLC was already up and running for at least one day when I heard the word that they would stay at the Fed (with much more protected speech than I assumed at first) and will continue to do so, even as #OSLC holds their ground in Pioneer Park.

#OccupySLC also joined the "Dream Team" to protest HB 497 (an anti-immigrant law much like the hideous abomination they passed in Alabama). This is a positive development, in my opinion, because it demonstrates a new-found ability on the part of #OccupySLC when it comes to organizing movement politics and finding natural allies. I'll be visiting the #OSLC base camp and #Occupy the Fed SLC tomorrow to take a quick read of what's percolating at each location - stay tuned for updates.

Nationally and internationally, the cops are feeling their oats! Whatever these guys have for breakfast, I need to switch to it ASAP.

In Sydney, the police crushed the #Occupation, arresting about 40 people (#O Sydney says they'll be back).    The fuzz also closed down #Occupations in Ohio, California and Pennsylvania. Chicago got buck wild: police there arrested 130 people  Don't worry about mass arrests and the steady erosion of free speech throughout the Bush years, though: Wall Street is still doing fine, and hey, how about those wacky kids and their stylish #Occupy protest fashions?

Put that in your hippie pipe and smoke it. If Wall Street has ever met something it couldn't turn into a fetishized commodity, I don't know about it.

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