Wednesday, 2 November 2011

#Occupy SLC Urges Day Of Action To Close Bank Accounts

Images courtesy of Justin Raimondo

The following release is hot off the presses:

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, NOVEMBER 1, 2011: Occupy SLC is joining forces with occupations across the globe in a day of action to move our money out of large banks and into local credit unions. Occupy SLC calls on all bank customers to join in Bank Transfer Day on November 5th (SATURDAY, 11/5/11) and send a message to the 1%: We deny our support to the operations of large banking institutions, and we will not tolerate the unethical business practices they have subjected their customers to. 

Occupy SLC will be reaching out to the local population by taking to the streets on November 4th and November 5th. We will be giving out educational materials on the benefits of credit unions and why bank customers should not support their banking institutions. This material will be provided online as well, and we encourage everyone to share this information with others and take direct action this weekend.

This is the first of many actions that the 99% can participate in to show our ability to create change in a system that requires our involvement in order to function.

Be there or be square.

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