Monday, 14 November 2011

#Occupy Updates : Cops Crush Portland, Denver

Over the weekend, #OccupySLC wasn't the only protest having difficulties with Officer Friendly and his ilk.

#OccupyPortland was disassembled by police, according to the AP:

Several hundred protesters, some wearing goggles and gas masks, marched past authorities in a downtown street Sunday, hours after riot police drove Occupy Portland demonstrators out of a pair of week-old encampments in nearby parks.

#OccupyDenver met a similar fate, according to the Denver Post:

Tensions between police and Occupy Denver reignited Sunday, a day after 17 protesters were arrested when officers cleared the sidewalks of a makeshift encampment. 
Three more protesters were arrested Sunday, while a Denver police officer and a Colorado State Trooper sustained minor injuries in a shoving match over a table used to serve food.

More from the Huffintgon Post:

After a peaceful march last weekend as occupiers celebrated "Bank Transfer Day," tensions ran high again as Occupy Denver and Denver Police clashed over the weekend resulting in 17 arrests on Saturday and three more arrests on Sunday afternoon.
Photo: Denver Post
As I stated after the SLPD laid waste to the best efforts and hard work of #OccupySLC, the sole upside of our experience here in Salt Lake seems to be the relative lack of violence on the part of both the police and #Occupants.

We've been lucky so far - it's my belief (maybe due to my Batman-like love of and faith in my city) that we'll be lucky moving forward.

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