Friday, 16 December 2011

Another Thrill-Packed Friday Night

I'm sorry for my recent absence. As far as excuses go, I have a few good ones I could deploy - I've been doing less "slacktivism" and more "activism," I'm actually dating professional jewel thief Selena Kyle, &c. - but one reason (and it's not a sexy one) is this:

You see, as part of the Urban Homesteader / DIY / whatever you want to call it ethos, knitting is both really cool and pretty handy. It consumes time, reduces consumption of $h!tty goods produced by slave labor, occupies my idle hands, and, if you have a modicum of skill (something I lack so far), you wind up producing a scarf, or a hat, or a handgun cozy -

 - whatever strikes your fancy.

Jenn Stauffer, one of my best and oldest friends, responded to my "HALP HOW DO I KNIT THRAEDS" S-O-S, and an impromptu knitting circle and anti-social deviancy discussion group formed. Funny how community can flourish under the oddest circumstances and during the worst times (economically speaking).

Any old way, I promise to return refreshed and with my newly shed skin curing in the smoke shed by Monday. There's plenty going on in Salt City to talk about.

Monday is a big day! For example, Peaceful Uprising is hosting an open house for the community on Monday at 6:30 PM MST at their warehouse, the legendary Goathead Preserve. For information, email .

If you're more interested in learning about Utopian meeting structure, there's a consensus training facilitated by the Society of Friends (Quakers) Monday night at the downtown SLC Public Library at 7 PM MST. Among other resources they'll use is Peter Gelderloos' Consensus, which I can't recommend strongly enough.

Salt City's Library

I realized recently I neglected two important things regarding that most fiendish of devices ever to bedevil the days of man: money. Scratch. Filthy lucre.

To donate to #OccupySLC, go  here  . Peaceful Uprising is unable to accept contributions at this time .

If you want to donate money to me to keep this whole bloggue thing going, go-HA! Put aside whatever you want to devote to THAT, and set it on fire. Don't give it to the needy, don't donate to a political cause - if it was specifically intended for me, set it on fire.

Have a pleasant evening - there's a strange groundswell of hope happening in most of the movements and groups of friends and people in general that I have encountered lately. Maybe they know something I don't know. Maybe I know something I don't know.


  1. oh, but you do, know something you don't know. You just have to slow down enough to ask yourself what it is that you want to know first.

  2. Sarah - you're absolutely right. I've promised myself recently that I'll spend more time stepping back and trying for some perspective - hell, even stopping to appreciate the little things.

    But my promises to myself are only as good as my best intentions, which at times lean more toward fiendish than best.