Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy #D12 Everyone (Part 1)

Bright and early this morning, #OccupyOakland commenced their blockade of Oakland's ports. A livestream was available, which made for interesting very-early-morning watching. Before 6 AM had even rolled over and kicked California out of bed, there were already about 1,000 people headed for the ports, according to estimates:

Riot cops were on scene, as you can see. Meanwhile, here in Salt Lake City, the Occupation's base camp at Gallivan made a nice, chilly place to meet at 8 AM MST:

It's nice to see that the kitchen tent from the Circle-A Cafe in Pioneer Park has made a reappearance, along with the R. Buckminster Fuller Memorial Gathering Chamber:

We huddled up. As soon as people were assembled, we heard the details of the day's loose collective suggestion - I wouldn't really call it a plan - for a cheerful bicycle outing. We also committed - out loud - to the Principles of the Occupation, including and especially nonviolence.

I'm sure that reassured the gentlemen in the two cop cars that pulled up to eyeball everyone. Meanwhile, as of 9:45 AM MST, the Guardian reported:

[#Occupy Spokeshuman Francois] Hughef said around a thousand protesters marched to the port at 6 AM, and are blocking two terminals at the port - Hanjin and Trapac. SSA Marine had been the target, Hughef said...but SSA did not have a ship this morning.

Further updates as the situation unfolds. Stay tuned!

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