Sunday, 5 February 2012

Our Little Family Expands

As of tomorrow (probably) the lovely and brilliant Nicole will be joining us here at Salt City Sinner. She is a former Alaskan!

Also a former Utahn, and a current Vermonter (Vermonteer? that honestly sounds cooler). Most importantly, her sharp and delightful mind is steeped in THE LAW.

Nicole will be bringing some legal analysis to our rantings and ramblings here at Salt City Sinner. P

Please, tomorrow, as you battle your gorge to keep your coffee down and try to accept that Donald Trump is actually a real human being with real power...

...and influence but also at the same time a professional clown who wears funny makeup on TV - as you try to wrap your head around this like a greasy newspaper around a stale fish, take some time to welcome Nicole.

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