Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Child's Tale

Once upon a time, there was a large bulge bracket banking and securities firm named Platinum Richard. Platinum Richard primarily dealt with financial securities, including investment banking.


No entity - it would be doing Platinum Richard a disservice to call them a "corporation" - is entirely good or bad, to be honest. That said, In a world of bad companies, Platinum Richard was one of the  very most poorly behaved. Shame on them.

A naughty company, stealing from the garden and being very disrespectful!

Eventually one of Platinum Richard's friends came forward with some scary facts. Remember, kids - if you think something is wrong, talk about it with a parent or teacher (but not an executive)!.

Platinum Richard didn't seem to care. Times are very good when you can steal from the garden!

Unfortunately when Platinum Richard's friend told his story to the town it turned out that people didn't like him quite as much! In fact, that nasty story cost Platnium Richard $2.15 billion and counting - yes, two point one five billion dollars. Share prices continue to slide in Platinum Richard as we speak.

What's the moral? There is no moral, children. Daddy's tired now. Leave him alone.


  1. Hmmm is that a cooked bunny rabbit?!

  2. I wanted to mix a little Beatrix Potter with a little culinary reality, although I don't see long pig as a probable option on the upcoming menu any time soon :-)