Saturday, 31 March 2012

How I Spent My Morning

Today was quite a day for me!

The Trayvon Martin March was one hell of a way to end it.

I also got to bust rocks with my friend Topher,

 ...and I also assisted in Salt Lake City IRC's move from our old headquarters to a new headquarters.

But before I did any of that, I helped to build the new community gardens in Sugar House.

When I got there, there was an assembly of untreated boards (good so far) and a few drills.

Things progressed quickly, with teams forming (strangely, without authoritarian intervention!!) to drill guide holes, steady the boards, and screw them together.

Once the beds were constructed, a small front-end loader, expertly piloted by a guy whose name I did not catch, performed some magic:

The end result? Beautiful raised beds with rich, amazing soil (full disclosure: I have a bed at Sugar House Gardens).

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