Sunday, 18 March 2012

Raised Beds of Dreams

Recently, #OccupySLC has diversified. There are working groups devoted to street theater, working groups devoted to education, and a new working group devoted to community gardening. I do not feel that I am telling tales out of school sharing this, since every #OSLC General Assembly (or other meeting of any kind) has been open to the public to the best of my knowledge.

#Occupy Community Gardens, or the OGs as I will call them/us from this point on, had a project in mind for today. It went very well.

the only photo in this post that is not my photo

People who know #OSLC know the One World Cafe. It is an amazing institution, and has been supportive of #Occupy and other social and political affinity groups since day one. The food is amazing, you pay what you can or want to; it's a very welcoming environment and a place full of fun people to talk to.

On the long march to a kick-@ss garden in back on One World, a few hardy souls took the first awkward steps.

The concrete lot behind One World is a standard toxic urban environment, which is why it makes a brilliant blank slate. Joe from One World and J----- K were on point for a large portion of the proceedings.

"Haw haw what the hell are you stupid hippies going to do with THAT junky-@ssed piece of land?! HAW HAW HAW HAW"

Things continued. People recycled pallets, bookcases, doors, anything that was non-toxic to meet our loose sort of Mad Max standards.

I did some hauling and whatnot, but was not one of the biggest contributors of sweat. What was achieved is beyond impressive:

There will be other Occupy Community Gardens events coming up, some of them dealing with One World in particular (which I favor myself - I like their sense of style, man).

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