Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tearing It All Down... For What?

5400 South, the heart of Kearns Township has been lined with the same houses for several decades.  Having grown up in this area I recall driving down the hill and looking at these tiny old houses thinking how beautiful and simple they were, someday I would have enjoyed owning one.   Standing alone... this one house remains, covered with no trespassing signs and legal notices, broken windows and a boarded up door.  This home was once one of the most lovely in the area, now it is to be torn down and moved to the landfill with the other houses that have been demolished.  

Maybe I am a little less educated with the practice of demolition but could the doors, cabinets, windows, other portions of the home not have been removed and used with habitat for humanity?  Many of these homes had been updated with newer window and door fixtures which may have been very useful for the non profit organization in building new homes for less fortunate.  Again, I am not certain it would be possible, but it sure seems like it should be.

Yes I am being a bit critical of this demolition because it seems unnecessary to me.  The widening of a street that is already wide enough makes zero sense.  I have travelled this route many times during rush hour, and had to face the extra five minutes of commute along with the fellow Kearns Township residents, but never would I have imagined they would tear down beautiful homes and many old trees in the name of a shorter commute!

I will end my ranting and raving with the following: If your company name "Diamond Tree Experts" says you are an expert, could you not have moved some of these trees instead of chop them into pieces and kill them?  In all seriousness, these trees were beautiful and grand and a part of something I saw almost daily for 25 years of my life- now they are trash... sad, very very sad! 

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