Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tim DeChristopher Update: The Hordes Have Spoken!

A quick update on Tim DeChristopher's incarceration situation - as I wrote yesterday, Tim had been moved to the Special Housing Unit at FCI Herlong for an e-mail he sent.

This morning at 8 AM MST, Dylan Rose Schneider from Peaceful Uprising received a call from Tim:

THANK YOU for all of your support and work on this - I received a call from Tim this morning at 8 am letting me know that he was transferred back to the minimum security camp late yesterday due to the thousands of calls that were received.
There's a blog post with further details from PeaceUP  here  .

It would appear that if you piss enough people off by running roughshod over the civil liberties of a sort of folk hero, those pissed off people can get results!

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