Sunday, 1 April 2012

Is One World Cafe a Lost Cause?

Saturday brings adventure to my daughters and I.  On our list for adventure time 3/31/12 was One World Cafe, and a short stay at Occupy SLC.  We headed out the door, hungry and ready to pay well for our delicious organic vegetarian/vegan food prepared fresh in the kitchen at One World, by hands belonging to people we consider friends from Occupy.  After making it through down town Salt Lake (in the middle of Saturday General Conference 

for the LDS Church) we found our regular parking spot in the middle of the street on 300 East.  The lights were dim, but the lamp by the front door still lit.  As we approached the building I noticed a sign hung from the inside declaring their inability to continue without much needed help.  "We could not pay our gas bill and the gas was shut off".  

My thoughts immediately went to how in the world I could help them.  I picked up my phone and dialed the number to get in touch with Dave directly... no answer.  I left a message and expressed my desire to donate money to the need and explained we would be down town a few hours and to please get back in touch with me... leaving my number.  I then dialed Questar directly, but the account number wouldn't pull anything up and they directed me to call back during normal call center business hours (Monday - Friday 7 AM to 7 PM).  With no other options we decided to check on the garden behind One World.  It looks as if it is still being tended to, the plants had recently been watered, and look as if they will be fine a few days more.  (If the snow doesn't kill them). 
The compost bin that was built is being used, but needed to be sifted/turned, so I did what I could and left it to decompose.  

We found our way to OccupySLC, and delighted in the sight of the over-sized green letters spelling out OCCUPY!  Gorgeous (courtesy of Side Track Eric and his amazing family!).  It was an awesome opportunity to stop by and see some of our dear friends!  We dropped off a case of USA GROWN oranges from California... and enjoyed a few while there.    I asked about One World while in the

 presence of some who volunteer there regularly.  I was informed that there may have been some significant mismanagement of funds, that the problem of finance is far more troublesome than just the gas bill not having been kept up.  The rent is also due on the 15th for the building.  

I am more than ready to give what I can, but am nervous that it is a lost cause... is it?  Is there hope? Can One World be saved?  I guess the only way to know is for someone to tell us how bad it really is, make a budget and let those willing to help see how much help is needed.  Seems like a good place to start. Why turn the gas back on, if the electric is the next thing to go... hypothetically speaking.


  1. G. ("Crazypoliticos") tipped me off to this Sarah, but gods bless you for being on point on this story. More to follow - we will save One World, worry not citizens.

  2. Must say I was very disappointed when I read the note taped to the window... very disappointed indeed.