Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Perfectly Reasonable, Intelligent Article By World Net Daily's Joe Kovacs

"Idiot wind, blowin' every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot, babe 
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe." 
Bob Dylan, "Idiot Wind"

Big Joe Kovacs likes to bang out the occasional column (and more than occasional New Age Christian Self Help Book) at Big Joe Farah's WorldNetDaily, a publication of some repute that  I believe  I have  commented on  a time  or two  before. As with Glenn Beck, there will eventually come a point at which I have to take a few steps back from WND, which (and this is my coinage, thank you very much) is the most right-wing website on the entire Internet other than Stormfront.

WND likes to keep the Christian Identity and white supremacy nestled beneath a decorative frosting of "legitimacy."

What does Joe Kovacs do to keep things spicy? Oh, well, how abou-

Wait, I ... what?

This "journalist":

Joe Kovacs is ready to shock you with the Bible, or with electricity if necessary
...published a wide variety of Obama's remarks regarding Easter that were delivered to a collection of pastors etc.

Also, his figures on the scare quote "MUSLIM OBAMA" thing are interesting when you break them down:

[A] survey of 600...

Hang on. Your sample size is 600 people?!

...of 600 likely Alabama Republican primary voters


...of 600 likely Alabama Republican primary voters found only 14 percent believe Obama to be Christian. But 45 percent said he is Muslim and another 41 percent said they're unsure.
Well, one sample size of 600 already committed wingnuts doesn't mean much, does i--

The same question presented to 686 likely Mississippi Republican primary voters... 

Joe Kovacs, please turn in your "journalist" card at the front desk on the way out. Wait, HAHA, you HATE journalism!

...found just 12 percent believe Obama to be Christian. But 52 percent say he is Muslim and another 36 percent were uncertain.

Professional urinal deodorant cake Joe Kovacs did think to include the ever-popular Dissent from the Peanut Gallery:

Some WND readers are not that thrilled with Obama's [Easter] remarks. [Ed. - Color me shocked!] 
"This man who claims to be a leader knows nothing of our Jesus," said Jim Biven. [Ed. - If you are interested in hearing more about Jim Biven's Personal Jesus, call - no, I kid. You are insane.] "He wasn't a wimp and he was not 'afraid' of the cross or death. He knew who he was. THAT's [sic] why he was troubled."

Interesting! Christ was not afraid. That's a matter of some theological dispute, although Yeshua bin Josef of Nazareth might have disagreed, given his lamentations, grief, and doubt in the garden of Gethsemane.

Look, I have my own issues with Obama, as many people do. I don't like his drone strikes. I don't like his treatment of Wall Street, which has been gentle where it should have been savage and immediate.

The fact, however, that a fair proportion of conservatives are still beating the MUSLIM / BLACKY / NOT MY PREZZYDENT Timpani makes me very, very nervous. Maybe some people are right and this xenophobic, semi-literate, Bible-drunk portion of our population will "age out."

Maybe not.


  1. I wish the Bible-drunk of our population would age out. Ugh. The whole religion thing has gotten huge lately and I don't get it. Is it just because it's 2012 and people are scared they're going to die, so they turn to religion? Who knows. But it's gotten way out of hand, in my opinion.

    Nice article! I enjoy reading your stuff. ^_^ Keep it up!

  2. "Professional urinal deodorant cake" *****Love this "title"!