Friday, 6 April 2012

Who Is Utah's BEST Street Side Advertiser- TAKE 2!

I was twenty-one years of age the first time I saw a man standing on the side of the street holding a sign to advertise a local business.  California the place and the year 1998.  I thought it strange to stand on the side of the road, next to cars speeding by.  Not only strange, but scary.

Only 2-3 years ago did street side advertising take a front seat on my side of town.  When I was younger I heard my Home Economics Teacher say "Utah is behind the times about ten years", so that would make sense. At times I drove by and saw their brightly colored signs telling me to do my taxes... reminding me that they have an "Open Bay" at the local car shop, and even "$5.00 Pizza!".  Other times I drove by and noticed a person, not necessarily the sign, many of them standing still... stiff as a board, earphones on and/or a cell phone in one of their hands (one handed texting).

Approximately six months ago late summer or early fall, while driving home from work I saw the most amazing SSA (Street Side Advertiser).  There he was on the corner of 4800 West and 3500 South, dressed in a Super Mario costume complete with the over-sized head.  It was not the costume that set this SSA apart from all the others, it was his energy and radical movement!  He DANCED... danced like no man I had ever seen before  He danced like he was at a glow stick infested / techno music blasting / neon color filled RAVE!  I had the most difficult time making it through the intersection without getting into an accident.  I quickly made it to the daycare to gather my children into the car and head back over to Domino's Pizza so we could see the dancing Mario and pick up a fast (un-healthy, fat filled) dinner.  He was gone before we made it back to the pizza parlor.  I saw him dancing that corner for the next few weeks, and then he disappeared.

Starting in January I saw a new SSA for Liberty Tax on 5600 West and 3500 South in West Valley dressed in red/white striped pants and a bright blue suit jacket with tails.  Some days he wore a red white and blue over-sized top hat, other days a winter cap that gave the perception he had a black and white mohawk.  I recognized the new Liberty Tax SSA immediately from the dance style and energy.  My children loved driving by and seeing his funky groove.  After only a few weeks he disappeared again.

While driving with my younger sister through a part of town I had not driven before I spotted him!  At a Little Ceasars on 4800 West and approximately 7000 South.  Holding a familiar looking sign shaped like an
electric guitar- JUST like the first SSA for Little Cesars in Kearns that I posted on.  I am certain this SSA takes the cake... but I'm still hunting for more (just in case).

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