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WND's Jerome Corsi Triples Down On The Crazy

posted 4/23/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

Oh, World Net Daily! Where would I be without you? Saner, less stressed, certainly less amused - on the whole, I'm glad WND exists in the same way I'm sure that Karl Rove and Frank Luntz do a little fat-boy tap dance whenever the New Black Panther Party issues a press release expressing their support for this or that lefty cause.

The three top evil homunculi at WND are Big Joe Farah (known for his mustache and hilarious claims to 'journalistic integrity'), Aaron Klein (known for rolling tape whenever some 13-year-old Yemeni terrorist is talking about Islam and then reporting that as mainstream Islamic doctrine straight from the mouth of Allah), and "Dr." Jerome Corsi, who is slightly too batshit insane to categorize in a simple manner.

"Dr." Corsi is perhaps best known for two things: first, as the father of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and secondly, as the father of the 'Birther' movement. If you're not familiar with either, just keep in mind that he is the progenitor of not one but TWO pejorative political terms, "Swift Boating" (to unfairly lie and smear one's opponent with total fictions) and "Birther" (a term for one who holds to the conspiracy theory / racist crap that President Obama forged his birth certificate, or was born in Kenya, or can't be president because his father wasn't a U.S. citizen, or blah blah HE'S A BLACK AFRICAN MUSLIM FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!!). 

Well, much like Planet Earth, where Corsi allegedly lives, his psychoses have a third dimension.

You see, WND kindly loaned "Dr." Jerome Corsi to George Noory's Coast to Coast AM (formerly hosted by legend and personal hero Art Bell). If you're not familiar with Coast to Coast AM, it is a late-night clearinghouse of speculation about the occult, conspiracy theories, Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. It is highly entertaining listening and one of the most amazing radio shows still extant in this bleak and consolidated hellscape of Jack FM and Clear Channel cookie-cutter crap.

They also host pseudo-scientific and proto-scientific stuff, which brings us back to Mr. Corsi. You see, according to Corsi's friends at WND:

At the end of World War II, U.S. intelligence agents confiscated thousands of Nazi documents on what was known as the "Fischer-Tropsch Process" - a series of equations developed by German chemists unlocking the secrets of how oil is formed...For decades, these confiscated German documents remained largely ignored in a United States where petro-geologists and petro-chemists were convinced that oil was a "fossil fuel" [Ed. - scare quotes in the original] created by ancient decaying biological debris.

If you have never encountered this particularly droll conspiracy theory before, it is known as the abiotic oil "theory," and, well, WND summarizes the theory fairly well:

...oil [is] a natural product made on a continual basis deep within the earth.

Got it.

The above link is to a longer academic paper explaining in great detail not only the deficiencies of the "Fischer-Tropsch process" (not so secret after all, "Dr." Corsi!) but also of the two main schools of abiotic oil pseudo-science, the Russian/Ukrainian theory, and the Thomas Gold theory.

Corsi (who is also a climate change denier) is so crazy, in other words, he doesn't just not believe the science of carbon's effects upon the atmosphere, he doesn't believe the science of how oil is formed in the earth. That's like going beyond young-earth creationism to believing that the Earth is, in fact, flat.

This isn't Corsi's first foray into these lush, fertile jungles of Crazy, either. A previous book of his, Black Gold Stranglehold, also promotes the abiotic oil theory.

Just a little something to keep in mind next time Corsi decides to pop off about John Kerry's Vietnam War record, or the sinister and mysterious nativity of Barack Obama. This is a guy who, faced with the unpleasant scientific reality (and unfortunate geopolitical consequences) of oil scarcity climbed off the top rung of the ladder of insanity and shouted into the ether "WHAT oil scarcity?!"

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