Sunday, 6 May 2012

Earth Jam 2012

Posted by ViewFinder on 5/6/2012

I am always amazed at the variety of culture and personalities I come in contact with through my acquaintances at OccupySLC.  The new experiences I have enjoyed with my two daughters have been moments in life which I will truly treasure for the rest of my days and hope that my children will as well.

On Easter Sunday my eldest daughter, Abigail accompanied me to OccupySLC to deliver an Easter surprise of fresh strawberries.  While there we were invited to join with a few Occupants in a visit to the Drum Circles at Liberty Park.  We met a beautiful young woman who was dancing in the drum circle with her Hula Hoops, we later found that she makes these beautifully decorated hoops by hand and dances with a group of other hoopers from the Salt Lake Valley.  Through this new friendship I found Earth Jam!  Jaecey was scheduled to perform with her group there so my daughters and I could NOT pass up the opportunity to see them perform!

After being completely mesmerized by the gorgeous ladies and super skilled men of hoop dancing we made the rounds through the booths selling all sorts of Utah Made goods (and some Chinese imports which we refused to buy).

We ran across a most beautiful person- Janet Gioffre-Harrington of An Array of Artistry Henna Body Art.  Janet was one of those rare people you meet and you feel an instant connection with, as if you knew them in another time and place.  We watched as she skillfully lay the henna upon skin leaving a one of a kind piece of art that will last for days.

Besides the beautiful art and performances we were blessed to run into more friends whom we met at Occupy.  If you were to ask me whether I would take another trip into the city for a visit to Earth Jam- you would receive a resounding YES!

We will anxiously wait for the celebration again next year.

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