Sunday, 6 May 2012

Some of my Favorite May Day Rally Photos

Posted by ViewFinder, 5/6/2012

Young and old made the journey from the City County Building up State Street to the Capitol.  Those of us with youth may have taken longer to get up that hill... but we made the trek none the less and for that we are all stronger because we did this together!

Below: Occupy member Michael Wilson discusses the movement with some bystanders- this was another of those priceless moments I experienced during my time in the movement.

Left: Salt Lake Dream Team

Below: One of my FAVORITE people Sir Charles.

One of my gorgeous gals enjoying a few moments of childhood fun before the long march up to the Capitol building.  I must say I am truly proud of them both for making the trek with very few complaints, and a TON of smiles.  They were real troopers.

The above picture, when the Black Bloc made their presence known coming around the corner beating their drums and waving their flags.  This was a very powerful moment, one where the energy was lifted beyond my expectations.

Right: members of Campaign for an American Dream "We are undocumented Queer and unafraid!"

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