Sunday, 24 June 2012

WTF?! W.T.F.

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WTF- An abbreviation for What The FU*K! and/or Wasatch Techno Festival for which I was able to win two tickets to listening to a local radio station.  After a few weeks of anticipation and excitement... my friend and I arrived at the Saltair parking lot, drove through the dirt/gravel and were guided to a compact space where I was allowed to park my vehicle after paying $5.00  Immediately we knew that WE WERE TOTALLY OUT OF PLACE!  But I didn't care.  I was excited about the images I would be able to capture.

Bass pounding music was immediately present as I opened the car door- we walked to the entrance area after passing several very young boys and girls.  To enter this event you are required to be 16- many appeared to be less than this but were attempting entry none the less.

I had not ever attended anything like this- it was almost like a festival of scantily dressed girls wanting to someday be wearing nothing in public.  Many girls wearing nothing more than silky panties and fury boots, one looked like a little girl dressing up in her mother's lingerie. (SEE BELOW IN PEACH)

After waiting in line, we were told to stand in another line.  We chatted for a bit and mostly discussed how we would feel if our children were to someday want to attend this event.   Several young girls approached us asking if we would sign them in- "I promise I'm 16 but you have to have an adult sign you in if you aren't 18, would you PLEASE?"  With no hesitation I replied: "Um, no."  While waiting in this second line we met some very interesting young folks.  A beautiful girl named Shantelle, and some boys that were kind enough to "Shuffle" dance for us. 


 At the front of line 2, we were told this was specifically for signing in adolescents... so we had spent one half hour waiting in line 2 for nothing.  Well that was fun.

We approached the entrance and watched as the four lines proceeded to the front where pat down searches were being performed.  "Alright Tammy pick which one you want feeling you up". Funny that there actually was a line for the ladies/GIRLS where a very manly woman was performing the searches on the females of the crowd.

I got to the front of the line and handed over my bag for search and was immediately asked to please take my camera back to my car or take it home.  WHAT?!  Actually W.T.F~!?

Nowhere on the ticket, nor the sign at the venue did it mention anything about not being able to photograph.  The woman proceeded with the notion that I would be able to return with a "point and shoot" camera... funny thing is that my camera, can point and shoot there's a thought for you... can I get a penny now?  No matter how I tried to explain that this WAS my point and shoot camera she rejected my entry.

Really? What was the point of a 35 year old wife and mother of 3 going to an event like this if I wasn't going to be able to photograph it? Fact is, there wasn't one. We left and were lucky enough to drive by some horses as the sun approached the setting time... so the night was not a complete photographic failure.


  1. would like to mention that many of these girls were quite beautiful... but really- do you have to be almost naked to FEEL beautiful? I am thrilled they have "self confidence" but if standing out for being "different" is what this next generation likes... putting on a little clothing for this event would have allowed them to stand out in the crowd. Can I get a few more pennies for these thoughts?

  2. "naked ones"..they were probably just a minority but attracted alot of, maybe most of the attention//cameras..don't get distracted.

  3. L... definitely not the minority. Panties, bras and thigh highs were the attire for the majority of the females in the crowd- probably a few males as well.