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Batman The Dark Knight Rises

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Shall I spoil this for you?  NO!

I was lucky enough to receive a few tickets to the pre-screening of Batman The Dark Night Rises through the local radio station 97.1 ZHT.  After careful discussion I reluctantly chose to take my 9 year old daughter.  I feared this may be a poor decision with the chance of "romance" as is often found to entice the female patrons to such action packed "super hero" type flicks.  Turns out this was not a romance filled adventure, nothing too risque for her 9 year old eyes.  

 The movie opened HUGE, a very intense scene where we are immediately introduced to the villain of the newest Batman release.   Bane at one point refers to himself as "Gotham's reckoning" telling Batman "When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die"  For the first time we see Batman meet a physically superior individual which he must continue to battle for the survival of the entire city of Gotham.

I struggled with this movie emotionally.  Alfred, "Master Wane's Caretaker" becomes very upset with Bruce at one point resigning his position stating "You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father.  I swore to them that I would protect you and I haven't".  We see Bruce Wane (Batman) struggle physically from the beginning.  We get to know many characters struggles through childhood making them more personal and realistic.  We witness suffering and loss...  (I can't finish the sentence for fear you won't go watch the movie... YOU MUST). 

To the left... may I please introduce you to Detective John Blake.  A true "Good Guy"  Blake was also an Orphan who has fond memories of Batman from his childhood days at the boys orphan home which Bane Enterprises has funded for years.

The last character who truly deserves a great deal of attention and applause for her role- Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman.  Her role is introduced as she makes her way through the Wane manor posing as a maid and burglarises the safe in Wanes quarters- taking his mothers pearl necklace.  A major butt kicking gal with an attitude, completely capable of lowering the tone to a nice soft kitten purr.  As Batman rescues her from a most likely death she says to him "My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men" to which he replies- "This isn't a car!"  

At moments the symphonic/orchestra background music was far louder than it should be making it difficult to hear the words being spoken.  I am sure it didn't help that I was sitting under a blown speaker that had the obnoxious buzz- but all in all I state that this is a movie most definitely worth going to see in the theater!  Action packed, twists and turns you never expect, fun and thrill- I WILL BE GOING TO SEE THIS AGAIN!  (Yes, it was that good)

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