Friday, 6 July 2012

Lemon. Wet. Romney - Good!

posted 4/6/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

As far as Fourth of July campaign malarkey goes, I try to pay as little attention to it as possible during political campaigns.

Willard Mitt "Mittens" Romney, however, coughed something up during a campaign stop day before yesterday in scenic Wolfeboro, NH, that was so weird that I couldn't let it slip past:

"Happy Fourth of July!" Romney wished supporters as he criss-crossed the street, his Secret Service agents in tow, to shake as many hands as possible. "Happy Birthday, America!" 
When one supporter yelled, "Save our spirit," Romney responded with an emphatic "You bet!" 
"Get out and vote next year, this November, I mean!" said Romney, wiping beads of sweat off his brow. At one point, stopping to guzzle a glass of lemonade, Romney was asked how it tasted, to which he replied, "Lemon. Wet. Good."

Maybe he was suffering from heat stroke?


  1. The stress is beginning to show. Language skills deteriorating.

  2. Quite comical. I watched a short clip of an interview where he said "If I talk about the economy I will win, you bet is the question". My thought: "wait... what was the question 'you bet'?"

  3. Man... now I'm going to go find the link to that interview because it was too good not to share!

  4. AAAAGGGGHHHH She cut it off just SECONDS before his "question" sentence. :(

    1. hahaha

      over the 4th he apparently also said, "I want to make America more like America." ???