Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Loyal To My Soil, Volume 2

posted 7/4/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

Summertime, and the livin' is easy! While the Mountain West may be engulfed in flames, and the East has reverted to the summer lifestyle of 1776, my garden is going pretty well. One thing at a time, my friends.

When we last visited my little plot at Sugar House Community Gardens, I made a few blunders. It turns out that bok choi needs to be harvested the first time it flowers (I got some bad advice!). I was also late in harvesting my spinach: both plants were total losses. On the other hand:

Radishes! I collected an early harvest of these guys while thinning out the crop.

I also harvested some kale:

And other cabbagey salad greens:

The radishes that I harvested are heirloom, and really interesting once you slice into them. They are also mad spicy.

Here was my total harvest from thinning/replanting yesterday:

So I pulled out dead spinach (harvest it early!) and bok choi (harvest it when it flowers!) and threw in two new tomato plants and two new eggplants. The results:

It is hot and dry in Utah right now (no, really?! - I mean hotter and dryer than usual) so if you are gardening I would advise you to water thoroughly at least once a day, maybe twice on hot or windy days - but remember to lay off the tomatoes, as they can become over-watered relatively easily.

It's too early to claim I have a green thumb - we'll figure that out later in the season - but so far so good with my little plot of land. Maybe I should throw a fertility talisman in there or something.


  1. Heirloom radishes- GORGEOUS! I am rather jealous of your harvest.

  2. the dirt is pretty... but those hands- those hands are rather attractive! Would like to see more of them!