Monday, 16 July 2012

Really Really Free Market 7.15.12

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Really Really Free Market: Bring what you don't need, take what you do.

A new black velvet jacket, someone no longer needed, but this lovely young tourist was thrilled to have a jacket to wear on the plane ride home!

With so much consumption all around us, there must be piles of clothing, books, housewares and other goods that we no longer need- RECYCLE through the Really Really Free Market!  Give to those who DO need, and take what YOU need.
Do you have a skill that you can share with others?  Here one of the local participants gifts his talent of making balloon animals.  This child was so patient.  I watched as his eyes lit up watching as his special creation was forming before his very eyes, moments of sheer joy flooded his face- I almost cried watching this beautiful moment.

Liberty Park was a great place for Really Really Free Market.  Two participants rode bikes around the park telling the other park goers where they could find FREE items, and within moments there was a crowd.  As they gathered and inspected the items available for the taking many took the time to ask why and how, some even signing up to participate in future RRFMs.
As the hours passed much of what was brought had found new homes.  That which did not was packed up for the next Really Really Free Market - Look for it again soon, coming to a location near you!  AND START GATHERING YOUR EXCESS- You know you don't need all that "stuff", give it to those who DO.

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